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Greg Mundis
Executive Director

Greg Mundis

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Becoming a Missionary

Assemblies of God missionaries are a part of a growing worldwide Fellowship of believers in more than 200 nations and territories. In recent years, Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) has experienced accelerated growth among our ranks, both in short-term service and in those with a lifelong calling.

If the Holy Spirit has been directing you toward a commitment to missions — whether it is for a few months, a year or two, or a lifetime — AGWM's Personnel and Member Care stands ready to respond to your inquiries and help in any way as the Lord of the harvest guides you in His purpose and will for your life.

MAPS (1 - 11 Months)
Assemblies of God laypersons — young adults or retirees, married or single — may volunteer for an assignment at the request of a full-time missionary. MAPS, Missions Abroad Placement Service (SW) volunteers may assist a missionary in evangelism outreaches, literature distribution, youth and children’s ministries or special projects.

Missionary Associate (1 - 2 years)
Missionary Associates (MP) assist AGWM missionaries and are generally noncredentialed personnel who fill positions such as nurses and medical personnel, secretaries, administrative assistants, computer and design specialists, builders, construction workers, and teachers.

STMA (Up to 6 months)
A Short-Term Minister Abroad assignment is designed to complement the work of career missionaries. An individual with ministerial credentials may be led to share expertise from years of ministry experience. Ministry abroad must be properly planned with an invitation from a missionary or field fellowship and approved from the area director. Each ministry trip is arranged through AGWM.

Career Missionary
An Appointed General missionary has a proven stateside ministry and believes God has called him or her to a lifetime of overseas missionary service. The AG missionary is involved in general missionary work — evangelism, mentoring, church planting, construction, Bible school ministry and assisting the national church in developing pastors and leaders. Although each missionary has unique gifts, abilities and training, specific qualifications for AG appointment are:

  • Ordination as an Assemblies of God minister (Learn more)
  • Completed at least two years of ministry in a pastoral position
  • A college degree is preferred. (Applicant may be required to complete specific courses in biblical studies.)
  • Personal debt may not exceed $350 per month


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